Riyanto Jayadi

Assistant Professor Management Information System (MIS), Graduate Program, Bina Nusantara (BINUS) University


Research Interests

Computer Network, Applied Data science, Applied Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Emerging Technologies (Voice Assistant, Blockchain, AI IoT), User behavior (Habit-forming Apps, Internet/Smartphone addiction), Microservices

Course Taught










Students & Alumni Advisee

Selected Community Services


2018 - Now: Lecturer in Bina Nusantara University

I am currently teaching Business Intelligence & Business Analytic; Project & Change Management; Management Information System for Leaders; Cyber & Digital Marketing Communication Strategy; Entrepreneurship: Ideation. My research research in area of Computer –Wired, Wireless, Mobile– Networking, Data Science, and Management Information System.

2012 – 2018: Research Assistant in High Speed and Wireless Network Lab, Information Management Dept., NTUST, Taiwan

I was researching RFID, energy efficiency, wireless network protocol development, 4G, future 5G, device-to-device, mobile user cooperation, software-defined-network, and OpenFlow under direct advisory of Prof. Yuan Cheng Lai. I also help for preparing several course materials for my advisor on computer networking course and scientific writing course. I also have been working on the academic-industrial collaboration project that belongs to my advisors. Besides of that, I also have several open source projects that I personally develop and maintain in my GitHub account.

Jan 2012 ~ Sep 2012: Programmer in BeenaryLab

It was an incubated startup, founded with my friends, with the product is a shopping cart mobile application that uses QR-Code and NFC for the transaction.

Aug 2010 ~ Jan 2012: Programmer in Arfa Nusantara Technology

I was working for architecting, developing and maintaining multiple software development project on this software house company. These projects are mainly using PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and JQuery.

Sep 2009 – Aug 2010: Programmer in East Java Development Planning Agency

My duties in this jobs were software developer on 3 information systems application that is using Oracle and PHP and one profile website that using Joomla for this region governmental office.

Aug 2008 ~ Sep 2010: Asistant Lecturer of Information System Department, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya

In the operation system course and database course, my duties involved on checking every task, tests keeper and training students on learning a databases technology and operating system * Lab Admins: I was responsible on installing and maintaining about two hundred computers and maintaining its networks.




The following are the technical skills I have and technologies that I have experienced with: